About Hydroscand

Hydroscand was founded in 1969 in Stockholm, Sweden. Today we are a leading global provider hoses, fittings and related needs.

The foundation of the first branch in Sweden was laid in the mid-seventies and in the beginning of the 80s we witnessed an outstanding growth in our business. To read more about Hydroscand group visit our website.

Business idea

Hydroscand - an international family-owned business - provides solutions and services for hoses, fittings and related products through a customer-driven and decentralized organisation.


By supporting our customers in their continuous development, we create the growth and profitability needed to build a sustainable future for them, our company and our employees


Hydroscand is the customers natural choice for hoses, fittings and related components, through our innovative services and solutions


To focus on the customer's needs and create long-term relationships. To develop the best management, knowledge and processes. To use our core competence to strengthen our know-how, our marketing position and the customer relations.